Social factors are at the heart of our ESG strategy. At K Raheja Corp,we lay great emphasis on the ways in which we interact with our people and communities.

We are cognizant of the fact that it is our people who drive the Company’s success and ensure that we deliver on our commitments to investors and stakeholders. We train, empower and support our people’s long-term success by creating opportunities for them to grow and develop professionally. Our Code of Conduct sets a consistently high standard of how we interact with one another and encourages an atmosphere conducive for overall learning and development. A big focus for us is also diversity and inclusion, which reinforces our culture of collaboration and strengthens our ability to develop our people, maintain an engaged workforce and create value for our investors.

We exist in harmony with the communities in which we operate, making community development a key lever for us. We engage with communities surrounding our assets, enrich lives through CSR programs, employment opportunities and social and economic rehabilitation. Community development has a direct impact on business and nation-building because it makes people mindful of the places they live in, the areas that surround them, and the role they can each play in protecting themit. For us community development focusses on improving communities through sustainable practices that include social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and economic stability.

We recognize our workforce is our most valued asset, and we focus on investing in the overall development of our employees and promote diverse views to fuel organizational growth. Additionally, we believe that a diverse workforce is critical to our organization’s consistent success. We promote a culture of diversity and inclusion to motivate our employees to share different opinions and perspectives.

Our people are offered the training and learning required on the job.

Key Training Initiatives

The Pride Side Policy:

Staying true to oneself and being proud of who we are is important. The Pride Side Policy has been introduced to encourage employees and be supportive of their choices. This policy includes zero discrimination in hiring, providing financial support in gender reassignment surgery, adoption assistance benefit extended to the LGBTQ employees.



Our maternity support program, Aanchal, is an initiative to help new mothers in having a healthy work-life balance while they prepare for the arrival of their child. We make onboarding the mothership a comfortable experience by providing creche facilities and day-care centers, reduced working hours and professional counselling sessions on transitioning back to a working routine.


Training to prospective leaders amongst our people, building them for the next level of growth in their careers.

Sensitization towards disabled colleagues:

Our employee mix is truly diverse, and we believe in sensitizing our people in being better colleagues to our disabled teammates. That each employee feels equally valued, without any discrimination whatsoever is the key.

Safety Culture Transformation:


Covering Incident Reporting, Investigation and Root Cause Analysis (RCA), the training program is designed to help line managers, supervisors and plant managers to conduct thorough incident investigations that cultivates an environment of safety and best practices for people to work and thrive.

Reach Out:

An initiative towards improving Employee Mental Health and wellbeing. Employees can reach out for assistance on personal, work life, stress management, relationships, anxiety management, parenting, wellness coaching, diet planning, lifestyle management etc.


We know how difficult it is for people to return to professional careers after a period of unemployment. They could have taken a work pause to care for an aged parent, taken extended maternity leave, or for any other reason. Relaunch is an opportunity to restart your career. This is the ideal platform for you to establish a successful second career and effortlessly return to the corporate world.

Adoption Assistance Policy:

We have implemented an adoption assistance policy that provides financial assistance to employees during an adoption process. In addition, this program also offers paid leave for the adopting parent employee to enable them to bond with their child. This policy is applicable for the adoption of maximum two children.

Our community initiatives are are led under the aegis of the K Raheja Foundation. Some of them include:

Health Care

S.L. Raheja Hospital:

A leading hospital in India associated with Fortis Healthcare, is world renowned for its quality care in diabetes.


With the aim of eradicating diabetes in India, the Diabetic Association of India was founded, which also led to the establishment of S.L. Raheja Hospital, a 200-bed tertiary care facility in Mumbai whose mission is to treat diabetes and its complications. The S. L. Raheja Hospital Centre of Excellence in Diabetes and Oncology also works actively with MDRI, a registered NGO for sourcing of bone marrow donors. These partnership opportunities are jointly owned, operated, managed by K Raheja Corp and third-party entities. This hospital has state-of-art facilities under one roof for treating all complications of diabetes in the hands of senior doctors who are renowned world over at extremely affordable costs. Over the past few years, the hospital has started new specialties in the fields of Nuclear Medicine, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Kidney Transplant Programmes, Urology & Nephrology, and Neurology & Neurosurgery.

Being associated with Fortis Foundation and other noble NGOs along with the CM Fund which support Congenital Heart Diseases, the hospital also undertakes Paediatric Heart Surgeries, which are free of cost for non-affording patients.

K Raheja Corp’s CSR journey with the hospital will continue to impact several lives, the main focus being to scale up initiatives in partnership with NGO’s and the communities at large.

*MDRI, a registered NGO, working actively in sourcing of bone marrow donors

*Jointly owned | operated | managed by K Raheja Corp and third party entities

Extension of a Hospital at Kondapur District Hospital, Serilingampally:

Our commercial business Mindspace Business Parks REIT has assisted the Telangana Government in improving the medical infrastructure for the State. Using its expertise in ‘construction’, the entity has built an entire floor at the hospital. With this, the hospital, adds a 3rd floor and 22,357 sq.ft. of additional space with 118 beds, taking the hospitals space to 89,428 sq.ft and 218 beds.


The floor has been meticulously designed to host emergency care, nursing stations, doctors’ room, etc. It is also provided with an acoustically treated roof, firefighting equipment, ramps, solar power, and surveillance system. Construction of the additional facility was carried out in collaboration with the State Government.

The District Area Hospital currently provides treatment for OP patients, maternity, and other general medical facilities. The hospital run by the Government makes healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

Community Initiatives

Assisting the Government in redefining the Durgam Cheruvu Lakefront

Led by our commercial business Mindspace Business Parks REIT, K Raheja Corp Foundation, in partnership with TSIIC and GHMC committed to transform Hyderabad’s iconic Durgam Cheruvu Lake in Telangana.

With the endeavor to provide Hi-Tech City with a meaningful waterfront environment, this development was conceived in the year 2017, as a value addition of the lake and its surroundings along with the social uplift and urban rejuvenation. We have remained committed to the cause ever since.

Capitalizing on the existing flora and fauna, and the ancient rock formations; the Lake has been transformed into a space that offers facilities for health and fitness, entertainment, adventure activities, and restoring its scenic beauty.

Providing Safe Shelter

We stepped in to assist people who had lost their homes and livelihoods during the 2021 floods in Raigad, Maharashtra. We created homes, replete with basic amenities for those who lost theirs. This initiative was undertaken, in partnership with NAREDCO and District Collector’s Office – Raigad.

Worker Welfare

Medical care facilities and a mobile crèche with requisite facilities are provided at all construction sites for the workers. The education of workers’ kids along with their health, sanitation and a meal, are all taken care of by the K Raheja Corp.


In our constant endeavor to enhance lives of people, we have collaborated with NGO Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC) to run day care centres at sites. This cause has exposed the children of the site-workers to a plethora of opportunities enabling them better opportunities. Moreover, MMC has enabled our labourer’s wives to step out and take jobs to support their families without worrying about leaving their children in an unsecure environment. To further ease apprehensions, the center is built adjacent to the construction site so mothers can visit their children or breastfeed the infants.

Skilling and Training


At K Raheja Corp, through our training and skilling programs, we focus a large part of our energies on the ladies, from the marginalized communities. With the endeavor to make them financially independent, we undertake workshops in areas which allow them an entry into the organized workforce.

Apparel training center, Andhra Pradesh

The center trains women from remote villages in various skills complementing the apparel industry. These empower them to become financially independent and have a secure life in the future. A holistic training center with qualified faculties make for a comprehensive 45 days training program, followed by a 15 days on the job training, post placements. Focusing on the heavy demand from the apparel industry in the Hindupur area, where the skilling center is set up, training is focused on the same.

Women Skill Training Program in partnership with NGO Vipla Foundation

In continuing our commitment to improve lives of the women-force, we have joined hands with Vipla Foundation, to provide training and skill support to young disadvantaged women from the Navi Mumbai area, Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The project aims to impart life skills and employability, while bringing a shift from vulnerability to empowerment.

Extensive mobilization exercises in the nearby slum areas leads to identifying women who are both in need and committed and want to bring a positive change in their lives. The program addressing requirements in facility management and beauty and wellness, is seeing successful performers emerge and being placed in reputed organizations, drawing starting salaries from Rs. 10000 upwards. For these women, who didn’t ever envisage a life beyond that of a house-help, their entry into the organized sector is empowering for their own selves, along with being a huge support to their families.


Educational Institutions that are supported by K Raheja Corp, under the aegis of Sadhana Educational Society:

  • S. Raheja College of Arts and Commerce
  • Kapila Khandvala College of Education
  • Malti Jayant Dalal High School

School in Gambhiraopet, Telangana

With the belief that ‘investment in knowledge disburses the best interest’, our commercial business Mindspace Business Parks REIT has built for the children from the quaint little village of Gambhiraopet, in Sircilla district of Telangana, an all-new educational facility. The newly developed school is replete with well-designed classrooms, a library, dining area, training rooms and outdoor play area, and is the first school in the village with amenities benchmarked to national standards. With ‘education’ as a powerful lever of its ESG initiatives to create positive community impact, Mindspace Business Parks REIT extends its expertise in construction, to benefit the community and its future generations.

Classrooms are designed to have capacity for over 400 students. The development has been undertaken in collaboration with Mindspace REIT and the Government of Telangana State., . The all new school has 9 classrooms spread over 10,415 sq.ft.,a playground, dining area, and a library & training rooms spread over 10,108 sq. ft. With this,we join the Government’s rural education program ‘Our Village – Our School’.

Teaching Tree

Teaching Tree is a K Raheja Corp initiative founded on the premise that education is an investment and serves as the most powerful weapon that can transform our world for the better. As the name suggests, the initiative aims at providing quality education to children of daily wage earners belonging to very low-income groups, to lead a meaningful and dignified life in the future. The initiative was launched with partner NGO – Teach For India; and over a period of time, has expanded to include ore NGO’s who have undertaken noteworthy contribution in the field of education.


The Teaching Tree: Book Donation Drive

The book donation drives resulted in setting up of libraries in schools.


From previously read story books to notebooks, this drive welcomed books of all kinds for these young impressionable minds. To ensure responsiveness to the initiative, the children are given an opportunity to address the audience at Mindspace Business Parks through an extremely heart-warming letter, giving the audience a peek into their lives, their needs, and their requirements, along with the support they need. Employees of K Raheja Corp and our Clients at Mindspace, opened their hearts and shared books.

Employee volunteers

Employees are encouraged to volunteer with the students. They can teach, sing, dance, help them with a difficult subject or simply sit and engage with them in an interesting conversation. The employees have come forward to dedicatedly give time to teach these kids at their respective schools, guiding and mentoring them towards a meaningful life.


The huge participation of employees in this CSR initiative is driven by the unique HR policy of K Raheja Corp called ‘Time off for Volunteering’, where employees can take 6 days off work and engage in a meaningful community initiative.

Nutrition Programs

Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world!


We support the nutrition-needs of differently abled students from the Special Care Center by Vipla Foundation at their premises in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. The Special Care Centre is a school for the hearing impaired and intellectually disabled children. These children come from one of the most underprivileged and vulnerable areas of Mumbai and nothing brings bigger joy than to see their happy faces, after a satisfying meal!