Westin Hyderabad HITEC City gets LEED gold rating
Westin Hyderabad HITEC City gets LEED gold rating


Westin Hyderabad HITEC City gets LEED gold rating

The Westin Hyderabad HITEC City, owned by Chalet Hotels Limited, has been awarded the LEED Gold Rating by the US Green Building Council (USGBC). The certification, presented by Mr. Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan, Managing Director of GBCI India for Southeast Asia and the Middle East, highlights the hotel's commitment to sustainable development. 

The LEED GOLD certification recognises the hotel's efforts in efficient water and electricity usage, with a rainwater harvesting system and a sewage treatment plant contributing to water conservation. The property achieves 18 per cent energy efficiency through renewable energy sources and advanced technologies in its systems.

The hotel extends its sustainability initiatives beyond resource conservation, including the reuse of organic waste, the provision of natural light in guest rooms, and a 'no smoking' policy for enhanced indoor air quality. The Westin Hyderabad HITEC City also boasts an electric vehicle fleet with charging infrastructure, aligning with various green hotel initiatives.

Sanjay Sethi, MD and CEO, Chalet Hotels Limited, expressed pride in the LEED GOLD certification. He said, "I take great pride in receiving the LEED GOLD certification for our hotel, The Westin Hyderabad HITEC City. Responsible design and construction are integral components of our sustainability ethos, positively impacting the planet Earth.”

Deep Preet Bindra, General Manager, highlighted the team's dedication to sustainable development and said, "In the realm of sustainable development, our team of empowered women takes the lead with purpose and grit. With the prestigious USGBC LEED® Gold Rating, our commitment shines brightly, forging a legacy of responsible business practices. We've not just constructed a beautiful hotel but woven a tapestry of positive impact on the world, proving success is measured not just in achievements but in lasting contributions to a sustainable future."

Gopalakrishnan Padmanabhan, Managing Director, Southeast Asia & Middle East of GBCI India, commended the hotel's achievement as a symbol of inspiration for the hospitality industry. He said, “GBCI is immensely proud to present The Westin Hyderabad HITEC City with the prestigious LEED® Gold Rating. This achievement, marked by an all-woman-operated team, underscores the hotel's commitment to advanced global sustainability standards. The Westin Hyderabad HITEC City serves as a symbol of inspiration for the hospitality industry, setting a remarkable precedent for sustainable practices. In a world focused on eco-conscious leadership, this accomplishment will act as a catalyst for a more resilient and sustainable future."

Source: BWHotrlier