Two weather stations in Airoli to aid climate risk study by IIT-Bombay
Two weather stations in Airoli to aid climate risk study by IIT-Bombay


Two weather stations in Airoli to aid climate risk study by IIT-Bombay

The internet-enabled devices will make readings in real-time; climate-focussed data can help predict extreme weather events and make infrastructure resilient to climate change

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay and Mindspace REIT have joined forces for a research initiative focused on climate risk assessment. As a pilot project under this research collaboration, two on-site weather stations have been established at Mindspace’s Airoli campus, which will facilitate the institute to study, monitor and analyse pertinent climate variables.

These weather stations are Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices that will offer real-time readings and environmental parameters. The gathered data will help predict physical risks associated with extreme weather events, including rising sea levels, shifting humidity levels, changes in wind speed, and temperature fluctuations. Researchers claim that the outcomes will also facilitate the design of buildings resilient to strong climate changes, an outcome of global warming.

Elaborating on the project Dr Vishal Dixit, assistant professor, Interdisciplinary Program in Climate Studies at IIT Bombay, said, “Through this research project, we are addressing the gap in collaborations between industry and academia concerning the quantification of regional climate change. The deployed Automatic Weather Stations, equipped with IoT technology, enable us to monitor and analyse pertinent climate variables at an application-specific scale. The absence of application-specific information has been a significant hindrance in conducting climate risk assessments. We expect that this project will serve as a commendable example of collaboration.”

As per researchers, the weather stations leverage real-time automatic sensors to provide precise and accurate location-specific climate data. The sensors measure temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, leaf wetness and soil moisture, for accurate predictions. The information collected will also contribute to the development of predictive algorithms by IIT Bombay. These algorithms, in turn, provide Mindspace REIT’s Engineering and Architecture teams with essential information to make informed decisions.

Ramesh Nair, CEO, Mindspace Business Parks REIT, said, “These weather stations will play a vital role in protecting our assets and tenant interests. The data will serve not only as a guiding force for upgrades to existing assets but will also suggest interventions for under-construction assets, enhancing the offerings of our business parks.”

Source: Mid Day