Retention is the new recruitment, says Urvi Aradhya, CHRO, K Raheja Corp Homes in a rapid-fire chat
Retention is the new recruitment, says Urvi Aradhya, CHRO, K Raheja Corp Homes in a rapid-fire chat


Retention is the new recruitment, says Urvi Aradhya, CHRO, K Raheja Corp Homes in a rapid-fire chat

As the organisation navigates the challenges of the modern workplace, People Matters spoke to Urvi Aradhya, CHRO, K Raheja Corp Homes to explore the proactive approach adopted by HR professionals to manage stress and prevent its escalation. In a sector known for its on-site requirements, she reveals the secrets to maintaining a sense of teamwork and collaboration while accommodating diverse age groups.

What were the top trends and lessons that you learned in 2023?
Recognising the significance of seasoned professionals, especially in the real estate sector, we prioritise retaining valuable experience. To meet our employees' expectations, we focus on talent retention. Given that our workforce features a diverse age group, effective management, and workplace regulations suitable for everyone are integral aspects of our approach. 

How did you attract and retain top talent in a competitive market?
As an organisation, we place a strong emphasis on preserving employees, adhering to the principle that "retention is the new recruitment." To retain our long-serving employees, we provide them with learning opportunities aligned with their expertise.

What is the biggest challenge for you in the current work scenario?
If left unaddressed, stress can escalate, leading to mental health conditions and other challenges. The primary responsibility of HR professionals is to promptly manage such stress and implement strategies to prevent its escalation.

What is your strategy to address them?
Managers who maintain regular interactions with their teams can better understand expectations, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that minimiSes the likelihood of unmet expectations and dissatisfaction.

How do you maintain a sense of teamwork and collaboration?
To minimise potential overlaps or misunderstandings regarding the company's expectations and individual performance deliverables, we have clearly defined roles and responsibilities for all employees. Managers are encouraged to cultivate a culture of trust and ownership within their teams and to address conflicts promptly when needed.

How is technology integrated into HR processes within the real estate sector?
There's a notable shift toward automating HR procedures in the real estate sector. AI is making inroads in the industry's recruitment processes, encompassing tasks such as personality assessments, candidate selection, training and development, and performance monitoring.

What role does it play in improving efficiency?
We leverage cloud-based platforms for convenient access and preservation of information from any location at any time. At K Raheja Corp Homes, we anticipate a gradual transition from computer-based operations to more mobile-based HR tools.

Source: People Matters