Mindspace Reit Sets-Up Infrastructure Monitoring & Operations Centre
Mindspace Reit Sets-Up Infrastructure Monitoring & Operations Centre


Mindspace Reit Sets-Up Infrastructure Monitoring & Operations Centre

Mindspace Business Parks REIT  (‘Mindspace REIT’), owner and developer of quality Grade A office portfolio, is driving change in the commercial real estate ecosystem by adopting innovative practices, while prioritizing sustainability and operational efficiency, with the setting up of its Infrastructure Monitoring & Operations Centre (IMOC). Offering centralized control and real-time analytics for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) utilities, this system complements the integrated Building Management Systems (iBMS), leading to substantial reduction in energy and water consumption, while enhancing occupant experience.

This initiative aligns perfectly with Mindspace Business Park REIT's overarching purpose 'to build sustainable ecosystems'. The IMOC concept has been successfully implemented across key projects, in Mumbai Region, Pune and Hyderabad covering the business parks of Mindspace Airoli East, Mindspace Airoli West, Gera Commerzone Kharadi, and Mindspace Madhapur. The primary objective of IMOC is to empower engineering operations with a comprehensive suite of integrated technological tools specifically designed f

or elevating execution efficiencies. IMOC provides centralized control, continuous monitoring, and advanced analytical capabilities tailored to suit expansive Grade A ecosystems that cater to clients round the clock.

The adoption of IMOC across these locations has streamlined operations, allowing for the optimization of man-hours while improving the precision and agility with which MEP utilities are managed. It also reduces the downtime and enhances the life cycle of the infrastructure that has been commissioned.

Ramesh Nair, CEO, Mindspace Business Parks REIT, said, "Embracing the IMOC framework is more than just a tech upgrade for us – it's about boosting our operational game and staying devoted to our key sustainability goals. Over 98.6% of our projects are already up to global Green Building standards and with this initiative, we're not just sticking to the status quo; we're aiming to lead the way in setting the benchmark for operational energy efficiency in our industry."

The need for sustainable practices in commercial real estate has never been more pressing. As concerns about climate change and resource depletion mount, the need to minimize the environmental impact of buildings becomes critical. The integration of iBMS and IMOC optimises the way energy is managed and consumed across the Mindspace REIT projects.

Source: Realty