“Innovation, adaptability, and strategic planning are imperative”
“Innovation, adaptability, and strategic planning are imperative”


“Innovation, adaptability, and strategic planning are imperative”

“In the dynamic landscape of 2024, Chalet Hotels Limited envisions transformative trends shaping the hospitality industry, characterized by resilience, innovation, and strategic alignment.
“Anticipating sustained growth propelled by robust domestic leisure travel, the revival of MICE and business travel, we foresee a future where the industry capitalizes on the recovery momentum witnessed in the past year.
“The key trends include strategic positioning to attract visitors from the Asia Pacific region, calling for aggressive marketing and incentivizing measures such as hassle-free visas. Aligning with global benchmarks, particularly reducing the goods and services tax on hotel tariffs, remains a crucial strategy to enhance India’s appeal to foreign tourists.
“Sustainability assumes a pivotal role, with dedicated funds promoting eco-friendly accommodations and tourist sites in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Innovation, adaptability, and strategic planning are imperative to navigate the evolving landscape. At Chalet Hotels Limited, we focus on market-specific strategies, leverage technology, and expand revenue management beyond rooms to meet the dynamic needs of discerning guests.
“The outlook for the industry in 2024 is promising, marked by anticipated double-digit revenue growth and a positive medium-term trajectory. This sets the stage for a prosperous and sustainable future, solidifying the hospitality sector’s role as a key contributor to India’s vision of ‘New India’ by 2047.”