“Having Diverse Leaders Strengthens An Organisation”
“Having Diverse Leaders Strengthens An Organisation”


“Having Diverse Leaders Strengthens An Organisation”

"Having Diverse Leaders Strengthens An Organisation"

Urvi Aradhya, CHRO, K Raheja Corp talks about #IncludeHer, a set of policies for its women talent, with the intent of driving workplace equity in an exclusive conversation with Krishnendra Joshi, Editorial Lead, BW People. "It consists of advanced policies aimed at ensuring women can progress in their careers without having to make compromises in their personal lives". she says.

How does K Raheja Corp's IncludeHer Initiative align with the company's broader D&I goals? 

At K Raheja Corp, we understand that our employees are incredibly important to our success, and we are committed to their growth and to valuing different perspectives, which helps our business thrive. Our DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) goals are centered around the belief that having a varied team is key to our ongoing success.

Our IncludeHer initiative is specifically focused on supporting our female colleagues. It consists of advanced policies aimed at ensuring women can progress in their careers without having to make compromises in their personal lives. This initiative is part of our effort to create an environment where women do not have to choose between their jobs and other responsibilities. We've designed these policies to address the specific and changing needs of women in the workplace, ensuring they can thrive both personally and professionally.

Can you elaborate on the specific ways in which "My Saheli" support system aids women employees during the transition and how it contributes towards ensuring a seamless workflow?

The "My Saheli" program helps women employees who are new mothers by assigning a work buddy who helps them seamlessly settle back into work once they return from their maternity leave. It helps easily reintegrate into their roles, making the transition smoother for both the employee and the team.

What kind of feedback or response have you received from women employees regarding the new policies introduced under #IncludeHer?

The response to our IncludeHer policies from employees has been very positive. They have expressed appreciation for the support system that focuses on their specific needs, especially the new mothers who value the flexibility and options that these policies provide.

Could you provide more insights into the SHEROES program and its impact on career growth within the organisation?

The SHEROES program, focused on Women in Leadership, is K Raheja Corp's initiative to enhance the capabilities of our female leaders. In its first edition, it involved a 4-month intensive training for 24 selected high-potential women.

This program reflects our commitment to gender equality and an inclusive work environment. We believe that having diverse leaders strengthens our company. SHEROES is designed to tap into and amplify the unique skills of women leaders, giving us a competitive edge.

The success of the initial phase has encouraged us to grow this initiative and we are now halfway through our 2nd cohort of Sheroes, demonstrating our strong commitment to advancing gender parity and inclusivity at all levels of leadership.

In what ways do the ERGs foster connections among female employees and what role do they play in promoting D&I at K Raheja Corp?

At K Raheja Corp, we have recently intensified our efforts in developing these ERGs, aiming to offer extensive professional development, wellbeing resources, and opportunities for networking with senior leaders to our women employees. These groups are being strategically designed to resonate with our company's core mission, values, and social objectives and supporting and nurturing them is a key focus for us as we strive to create a more inclusive, positive, and productive workplace for women. 

A major advantage of our ERGs is the sense of belonging they foster among like-minded individuals. By offering this support and enabling our employees to thrive, we are not just enhancing their individual experiences but also contributing significantly to the overall success and inclusivity of our organization.

Source: BWPeople