Our robust Governance framework upholds the highest values of integrity, accountability and transparency. At K Raheja Corp we recognise that strong governance is key to sustainable business operations and endeavour to conduct our business with the highest ethical and legal standards. Our governance practices influence the way we conduct business and are designed to align with priorities of our investors. We review and enhance our policies at regular intervals, to meet the ever-evolving standards and regulations that include practices across jurisdictions of operation.

The management of K Raheja Corp is committed to social responsiveness, transparency, operational efficiency, and ethics with the objective to deliver regular, responsive and sustained growth while delivering long term stakeholder value. The approach to effective governance at K Raheja Corp is reflected in its culture that has been developed over the years and its processes to mitigate risks.

Backed by the belief that sound governance is key to retain, fortify and grow stakeholders‘ t trust, the Company over the last four decades, incorporated and internalised practices that go beyond the mandate of the law, with several non-mandatory compliances that are a reflection of intent and standing as a respected and responsible corporate entity.

The leadership team represents an amalgamation of expertise, proficiency, understanding and professionalism, providing leadership direction, that ensures achievement of the Company’s vision.