Time Off for Volunteering

We believe in supporting activities that enhance and serve the society in which we live and work. To do your bit you can take upto 06 days of leave in a financial year as paid Time off for Volunteering with NGO of your choice.

If you have completed 6 months of continuous service then you just have to provide the details of your NGO, activity you are undertaking, fill the Time Off for Volunteering form and take consent of your reporting manager.

Acceptable Volunteering examples:
  • Education programs: Providing to underprivileged children and youth or disadvantaged adults
  • Antipoverty efforts: Providing health, food, shelter, clothing, gifts and toys, disaster relief and other social services
  • Part of any NGO: Volunteering for senior citizens, Animals rights, against human trafficking etc.
Exclusion to the policy

The time off will not be approved in following cases.

  • a. Volunteering done for any fraternal groups I.e., home run business
  • b. For any Political campaigns
  • c. Any volunteering for organizations whose services are limited to one religious group
  • d. Volunteering for any organization whose practices are not in line with the Company’s equal opportunity policy, ethical and social values.
  • e. Or in any other case which management deems is not appropriate to this policy