Community Upkeep

K Raheja Corp in partnership with Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation and the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has committed to transform Hyderabad’s iconic Durgam Cheruvu Lake. With this initiative, K Raheja Corp has come forward to create a more equitable environment, through a phase–wise plan to revamp the Lake. With the endeavour to provide the Hi-Tech City a meaningful waterfront environment, this development is conceived as value addition to the lake and its surroundings along with the social uplift and urban rejuvenation.

It has been created keeping in mind the objectives as under:

  1. To create a working and active waterfront development
  2. To ensure the existing fabric of the area is unaltered
  3. To protect and enhance the bio-diversity of the Lake and its surroundings
  4. To adopt an ecologically sensitive low carbon footprint approach

Capitalizing on the existing green and bluescapes, flora and fauna, and the ancient rock formations; the lake will be transformed into a space that offers facilities for health and fitness, entertainment, adventure activities, and restoration of scenic beauty.
Work on ground has begun in May 2017, with a phase- wise plan and effective deadlines.

Some designs of the proposed revamped Durgam Cheruvu Lake Waterfront

Worker Welfare

Medical care facilities and a mobile crèche with requisite facilities are provided at all construction sites for the workers. The education of workers’ kids along with their health, sanitation and a meal, are all taken care of by the K Raheja Corp.

Worker Welfare

K Raheja Corp, in their constant endeavour to enhance the lives of people, has collaborated with Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC) to run three day care centres at the Group’s construction sites in Airoli, Juinagar, and Chandivali. MMC is a 45-year-old not for profit that runs a day care centre at the construction sites to provide a secure and healthy environment to the children of site-workers. MMC also encourages parents to enroll their children in school for education. To support this noble cause, K Raheja Corp has been supporting MMC by providing infrastructure as well as the operation cost for all three centres. This initiative benefits around 150 students and their parents.
This cause has exposed the children of the site-workers to a plethora of opportunities enabling them to be on par with the privileged. Moreover, MMC has enabled house-wives to step out and take jobs and support their families without worrying about leaving their children in an unsecure environment. To further ease the mothers’ apprehensions, K Raheja Corp has ensured that the center is built adjacent to the construction site so they can visit their children or breastfeed the infants.
The Mumbai Mobile Creches project has been well appreciated by the parents and their offspring as well as the site supervisors who can see a perceptible change in the workers’ productivity owing to the increased contentment of being close to their children.


Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world – Hillary Clinton
And at K Raheja Corp, through our training and skilling programs, we focus a large part of our energies on the ladies, from the marginalized communities. With the endeavor to make them self-supported and independent, we undertake workshops in areas which allow them an entry into the organized workforce.

Apparel training center, Andhra Pradesh
A K Raheja Corp initiative, this center trains women from remote villages in various skills complementing the apparel industry. These empower them to become financially independent and have a secure life in the future. A holistic training center with qualified faculties make for a comprehensive 45 days training program, followed by a 15 days on the job training, post placements. Focusing on the heavy demand from the apparel industry in the Hindupur area, where the skilling center is set up, training is focused on the same. An in-depth and intensive training program covers the following:

  1. Machine operations and workplace awareness
  2. Soft skills and life-skills
  3. Paper exercises practice to get machine control
  4. Stitching activities using machine and hand
  5. Ensure product quality and finishing through intensive training of skill
  6. Maintenance of work area, tools and machines
  7. Maintain health, safety and security at workplace
  8. Comply with industry, regulatory and organizational requirements
Apparel training center, Andhra Pradesh

On completion of successful training, assessment is conducted basis learning outcome which are graded. On successful completion each trainee is given a course completion certificate which enables them to get employed, through campus recruitments which allow them to become part of the larger organized workforce. It also allows them to avail of loan for self-employment set up.

Women Skill Training Program in partnership with NGO – Save the Children
In continuing our commitment to improve lives of the women-force, K Raheja Corp has joined hands with NGO Save The Children to provide training and skill support to young disadvantaged women from the Navi Mumbai area, Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The project aims to impart life skills and employability, while bringing a shift from vulnerability to empowerment.
The project has seen the setting up of a skill training center in Sanpada village of Navi Mumbai area. Extensive mobilization exercises in the nearby slum areas leads to identifying women who are both in need and committed and want to bring a positive change in their lives. The program addressing requirements in facility management and beauty and wellness, is seeing successful performers emerge and being placed in reputed organizations, drawing starting salaries from Rs. 10000 upwards. For these women, who didn’t ever envisage a life beyond that of a house-help, their entry into the organized sector is empowering for their own selves, along with being a huge support to their families.

The Teaching Tree Carnival is an annual affaire
The Teaching Tree Carnival is an annual affaire


  1. *S. L. Raheja Hospital– Center of Excellence in Diabetes and Oncology
  2. *MDRI, a registered NGO, working actively in sourcing of bone marrow donors


Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world!
Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world!

And we make the start here through nutrition programs for children from NGO Save The Children. The Company supports the nutrition-needs of differently abled students from the Special Care Center at their premises in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. The Special Care Centre is a school for the hearing impaired and intellectually disabled children. These children come from one of the most underprivileged and vulnerable areas of Mumbai and nothing brings bigger joy than to see their happy faces, after a satisfying meal!

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